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We are taught that we are live in the land of the free, yet this is largely untrue.  We are holding on by a thread, and that thread is our constitution,  With the vast resources in this section, you will learn how the socialistic trends threaten our freedoms.  

The concept of our two-party system of Democrat vs. Republican is another illusion of freedom. Since it divides us nearly equally we are easy to control.  Libertarian is not just a different choice in politics, it is a movement toward a better world with the power placed rightfully so, in the individual. 


MPB Health Makes Health Care Access Easy and Affordable for All


MPB Health is not an insurance company but a community of health-minded individuals that offers affordable healthcare services. The company encourages its members to take charge of their healthcare choices because their alternative to health insurance plans includes more than benefits to satisfy all your healthcare needs. Their health sharing includes life care (EAP/MAP), medical cost-sharing, telehealth, concierge support, virtual healthcare, membership navigation assistance, and negotiation for large medical expenses. Moreover, inside MPB health sharing plans, clients will get more transparency for their healthcare membership and more freedom of choice and control from the firm.


Speaking about medical cost-sharing plans, the company spokesperson said, “Medical health sharing plans have no network restrictions, compared to regular health insurances, this implies that you can visit any doctor you want without paying out-of-network charges. Another advantage of medical health sharing plans is that you can negotiate with the doctor and receive discounts as a cash-paying patient because you pay cash. However, when you join hands with and switch to medical health sharing program, you get more than you deserve! You will become a part of our health community that is happy to be there when you need us. Unlike other costly health insurance plans, we stay by your side and help you anytime you need us.”


MPB Health is Florida’s leading health care provider, where you can find the cheapest medical sharing plans compared to your family. The company’s medial-cost sharing program is an effective solution to protect you against unwanted high medical bills. It’s a community-driven, freedom-focused alternative with no annual or lifetime caps on sharing, where no individual declined based on religious beliefs. The company sympathizes with individuals’ care needs. That is why they grant their members an opportunity to choose their healthcare service provider.


The company spokesperson further commented, “At MPB Health, we offer a cost-effective alternative to health insurance that gives you more freedom and control over the way you wish to receive care. We provide a complete health solution designed to help you live a longer, healthier, and happier life. Additionally, our team of passionate concierge team is dedicated to providing personalized guidance through all of your healthcare needs, as well as cost, quality search assistance for providers, labs, and


medication for the best outcomes at an affordable price. Moreover, inside our MPB Heath community, we empower and promote healthy living and lifestyle choices.”


If you are to enjoy the freedom of choosing the best health share programs available in the market today, MPB Health got you covered. Their health program offers several facilities to their members to face no problem their health and well-being. MPB health’s Comprehensive plans protect its members from unfathomable medical expenses. Their solution usually meets most members’ emotional, physical, mental needs.


About MPB Health


Based in Florida, MPB Health is a top-notch firm that provides alternative healthcare benefits intended for health-minded individuals interested in having more control in managing and maintaining their health. It is the only non-insurance-based, pocket-friendly health care solution available today, offering a wide range of health plan options. However, if you want to know more about medical sharing plans, give the MPB Health customer support team a call today.


Contact Charles Frohman (202) 258-8027