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Continuing the Conversation

Craig Bergman

On 6/16/22 we had with us Craig Bergman, Prez, Vortex Blockchain Technologies


Finally!  Government-issued Digital Currency!

(Another Tool to Force You into Compliance)

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Technology helps ease our challenges in life.  There’s nothing easier than swiping a card or using an app to pay contractors.  But what if special interests use the government to spoil the party?  China may not be a fair example because it’s controlled by behavior-manipulating freaks, but for just the past two years, every so-called liberal democracy in the West threatened unemployment for anyone unwilling to “take one in the arm.”  So, before any of us ‘sign on’ to using some new digital currency, shouldn’t we know more about it?

Although we’d like to avoid the worst of China’s behavior-coercing digital system, they are farthest along in the merging of currency payments and technological convenience.  Thus, we should at least take a close look at what they are doing and how people have fared.  That way, we know what pressure to apply to politicians to prevent regulations which would threaten independent-minded Americans with loss of access to the digital marketplace – or perhaps any marketplace.  We saw a terrifying example of this in Canada, where peaceful citizens opposing health tyranny – along with the Trucker’s Freedom Convoy – had their bank accounts seized. 

Should we hold onto some cash in case those in control fall in love with Chinese autocracy and implement social credit scores here?  (Actually, they are already doing that via the ESG investing filter.)  Funds following that acronym must be proven to be politically-correct, by supporting climate alarmism, social woke nonsense, and an abject love for the government.  

We will need to make a decision on this stuff soon, because Biden has issued an executive order for the Federal Reserve to issue a digital currency, and the FBI has started an arm to work with them. 

Mr. Bergman may have a solution to allow digital currency – but one immune from government exploitation.  For years he’s run Vortex Blockchain Technologies and Liberty Coin Farms, and has previously served as VP of several banks, including Wells Fargo.  He even worked for the great, Ron Paul.

Before any kind of digital currency is adopted, though, we need stricter laws on data privacy and an Electronic Bill of Rights that protects “we the people” from predatory surveillance and data-mining practices – by the government or its corporate partners.