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Dan Pilla


On 6/2/21 we had with us  Dan Pilla, Founder, TaxHelpOnline, and Exec Dir, Tax Freedom Institute 

Instead of Simplifying Taxes, Biden Expands IRS to Hunt Down Confused Entrepreneurs

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Every Wednesday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts two Zoom calls. One is at 4pm, the other at 7pm. The 4pm call is eclectic (often regarding our liberties…or disappearing liberties) and the 7pm usually is centered around practitioners who use a cash-based practice and what they do. These are recorded and archived. There are over 90 to date!

With the Democrats having to find revenue for their usual promise of free stuff, they’ve budgeted increased enforcement for their tax collector - the Internal Revenue Service. Targeting tax “cheats”, inevitably their marauding inspectors will target less sophisticated entrepreneurs more likely confused by tax code complexity than guilty of evasion.  As Mr. Pilla will explain, enforcement efforts never pay for themselves, and merely delay the real solution for low revenue: simplification.

Indeed, for 3 decades Dan has been known as a leader in tax code simplification - particularly the grand proposal to ABOLISH the income tax - instead building on the states’ successful taxation of sales.

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