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Continuing the Conversation
On 7/20/22 we had with us

Dan Wheeler, founder, Physicians & Patients Reclaiming Medicine (PPRM)


Dan Wheeler


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PMAs - Private Membership Associations to Allow for Individualized Medical Care

Effective healthcare will require a new healthcare system in the face of today’s epidemic of chronic  disease

Physicians and patients are currently being threatened, censored, and controlled by Big Medicine – who have captured the doctors, industry, and our politicians.  All of this, of course, disrupts the doctor-patient relationship and harms patients.  It’s time to repeal the mandates, censorship, “standards-of-care,” and implement PMAs to insure higher quality care and spur innovation.   PMS’s have recently been recognized as the best legal structure to accomplish this.

A group of physicians, attorneys and patients, including the attorney Mr. Wheeler, formed a PMA for patients and physicians to team up with attorneys to defend physicians practicing real medicine from the encroachments of medical boards, pharmacies, legislatures, and media.  Beginning in California, they are currently expanding protections to Maine, New York, North Carolina, Colorado, and Oregon.  

With captured medical boards de-licensing eminent physicians who are pushing back against the criminal medical cartel, the PPRM knows that board reform or system replacement must take priority.  Boards must disclose conflicts of interest and members must bear personal responsibility for violations of any doctor’s due process.  The Hippocratic Oath leaves no room for savage mandates or Orwellian dictates when it comes to quality medical care.  Want to help grow free market healthcare in your state?  Tune in and learn about the PMA solution.

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