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With your host Charles Frohman and Co-Host Joe Stauffacher

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Dr. Jeffrey Barke


On November 17th, 2021 we had with us Dr. Jeffrey Barke a Family Physician and Member of America's Frontline Doctors

Biden's Vaccine Mandate Continues Censoring of More Effective Early Treatments

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Every Wednesday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts two Zoom calls. One is at 4pm, the other at 7pm. The 4pm call is eclectic (often regarding our liberties…or disappearing liberties) and the 7pm usually is centered around practitioners who use a cash-based practice and what they do. These are recorded and archived. 

When the FDA early in the "pandemic" approved and then disapproved of hydroxychloroquine for emergency use, it was plain as day the bureaucrats weren't about to jeopardize the 1/2 trillion dollar pharma profit opportunity from  the coming vaccine experiment.  Now we learned from Dr. Ardis last week that hospitals make the worst place for Covid patients, and frontline doctors like Mr. Barke have suffered grievously for trying to prescribe early effective treatments that jeopardize pharma's profits.

Author of "COVID-19, A Physicians Take on the Exaggerated Fear of Corona Virus", Dr. Barke is a sought after speaker on the failure of government education and all things related to COVID-19. A proud founding member of America’s Frontline Doctors, Jeffrey also co-hosts the podcast, InformedDissentMedia.com and runs the website RxForLiberty.com.

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