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Continuing the Conversation
On 1/25/23 we had with us Dr. Roxanne Bruce, DBA, Founder, ShopSmallFarms

Dr. Roxanne Bruce, PhD

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Every Wednesday and Thursday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts a Zoom webinar from 12pm -1pm.

This Webinar is currently co-hosted by Charles Frohman and Jim Grapek, inviting a variety of innovative and freedom-loving activists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Please join us weekly and help us to continue the conversation. 

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As Big Ag Ruins our Food, there’s Every Reason to Buy Local AND Start Growing Edible Plants

It’s easy to find scary stories about threats to our food supply: Depleted soil, genetically modified frankenfoods, special interest capture of regulatory agencies, dumbing down standards and the persecution of higher quality (organic) competitors of Big Ag and Big BioTech.  To address this, most self-thinking humans now demand organic and shop local.  But, what about that nice grass lawn in your front yard?  (And aren’t dandelions – which we’ve been weeding for years – one of the healthiest, edible plants out there?)


For over a decade, Dr. Bruce has advised local farms on how to market themselves to sell directly to consumers.  And she is also an expert in “building biology” – how to build in harmony with nature.  Have you ever seen a neighbor whose green thumb fills their yard… not just with grass but also with plants galore?


There’s a proven method to replace a chemicalized lawn with “edible landscaping”.  Plus, you’ll save money and eat healthier, and enjoy more butterflies and birds!  And it doesn’t take a green thumb or daily weeding. 

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