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Hepatitus B action
H.R. 6800

Crafted behind closed doors and without any bipartisan input whatsoever, the so-called Heroes Act (H.R. 6800) has a price tag of $3.6 trillion embedded with corruption and secret giveaways. Click the image to learn more!

4 Things
Wearing a Mask is a CHOICE

Laws are being enacted that are imposing significant restrictions on independent contractors. Click the image to learn more!

Medical Privacy

The U.S. House will vote on an amendment to HR 7617 (a bill making appropriations to numerous federal agencies) that repeals the ban on the “unique patient identifier! Repealing the ban would allow government bureaucrats and special interests to access your medical records simply by typing your unique patient ID into a government database.

NVIC advocacy Portal

Achieving and protecting the right to informed consent to vaccination is more important now than ever before. This link allows you to see which bills in your state are needing your attention. Click the image to learn more!

Bill 666

Under the guise of protecting people from COVID-19, the government is intent on surveilling private citizens on a massive scale in a historic breach of privacy rights. Click the image to learn more!

Say No to Forced Coronavirus Vaccine
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Health Freedom Minute

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