About Us...

We are a group of idealists. Some of us have expertise in health, some in wealth, yet all of us here see our freedoms erode by the minute. In order for us to succeed individually, we must also succeed collectively. This is not possible under our current paradigm.

Good News!

In understanding why most of us have not attained complete health, wealth, and freedom, we must reconcile that the map we were given is not correct. It is a hard pill to swallow that deception plays such a large part in our bondage. Yet there is lots of good news to report along the way as we progress along our path to a better reality!


Great Organizations Making a Difference!

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About Us:

"We are former government reform activists who have seen the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness of both government programs and reforming them, and dedicated ourselves to empowering voluntary leaders to solve the biggest challenges facing American communities. We believe a movement of skilled, knowledgeable voluntary leaders in America today can deliver better outcomes for every American. We are dedicated to making that happen."


Build a movement of voluntary leaders in the United States.


Every voluntary leader will have the knowledge and skills to deliver better outcomes for people in their community.

North Star

Every American will have access to organizations that provide more efficient, effective, transformative solutions to their problems than government provides.