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Continuing the Conversation
On 2/16/23 we had with us

Jay Rosenthal, Child Welfare Consultant, CPSprotect Consulting Services

Jay Rosenthal

Could “Bad” Homes be Better than Foster Placement?

How Family Court wrecks Families

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I’m sure most of us find protecting children to be a virtue- even removing children who are being maltreated, if need be, and placing them in foster care.  But what if studies show that kids suffer even more when placed in foster care...and that many children separated from their families by CPS (Child Protective Services) shouldn’t have been in the first place?  

That’s probably as hard to accept as the fact that outlawing sweatshop labor condemns the poor to even harsher conditions on the farms they left for the city.  In both cases, the government makes life worse.  So, how do we handle that family that needs an intervention for their suffering kids?

Well, first let’s examine the facts about America’s Family Law catastrophe, to knock that out as the default answer.  Then we can start to examine better solutions.


A former CPS investigator himself, Mr. Rosenthal saw the light – and now helps families prepare for and navigate CPS investigations, allowing them to preserve their rights and protect their families from CPS and the remedial courts. Triggered by claims of an anonymous nature, even “proper” families can face a surprise CPS assault; like a shark attack during a pleasant summer beach vacation.  Sometimes the victims of Family Law never recover, or disappear.  Or worse, they feed the international pedo abuse network.  

Want to preserve your rights and protect your family from CPS?  Join us Thursday and learn how deep this rabbit hole goes.

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