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Continuing the Conversation
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Joel Wallskog


On 6/2/22 we  had Joel Wallskog, Surgeon & Co-founder, React19

With top Surgeons realizing CV-19 vaccines are neither “Safe or Effective,” do they constitute crimes against humanity?

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With only superficial vaccine training in medical school, the world’s doctors have only the pharmaceutical industry’s own self-reporting to go by.  If the industry says they are “safe and effective,” then they assume they are.  So, when Medicare mandated any hospital or other institution receiving tax dollars had to vaccinate their personnel for Covid, only a small percentage declined to roll up their sleeves for the experimental therapy.  Among those practitioners who got inoculated, some experienced severe injuries, and some even lost their lives.

One of these injured surgeons was Dr. Wallskog, who since 2009 had developed at Aurora Healthcare a large successful orthopedic practice focusing on shoulder, hip and knee replacement. For many years also he had been on the clinical faculty for the Medical College of Wisconsin, training fourth and fifth-year orthopedic residents how to improve their surgical skills.  Prior to his diagnosis of transverse myelitis (as a result of the shot), Joel was an avid outdoorsman. Now, he cannot continue his career and must rely on long term disability.

But, all is not lost. Co-founding React19 to study long-term vaccine injuries and solutions, Dr. Wallskog aims to bring researchers and clinicians together to take such injuries seriously.  “We all know the government is engaged in a coverup of catastrophic proportions,” said Dr. Wallskog.  “If the excess death being reported by insurers, government agencies and experts can be traced to vaccination, we may be observing a horrific crime against humanity.”

Join the conversation Thursday, and learn how to revive honesty on vaccine risk, and to reform the government so nobody is ever again coerced against their will in healthcare.  And invite friends to subscribe to the zoom.