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On 6/29/22 we had with us John Goodman, “father” of the Health Savings Account

John Goodman


ObamaCare loses Premium Subsidies this year

          Will Republicans Cave, or tout a Believable alternative?
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Democrats are hoping to avoid catastrophic loss this November by scaring voters that Republicans will make health insurance unaffordable.  Without Biden’s subsidies - that expire this year - families should expect to pay double what they’re paying now.  Focused on avoiding controversy, will Republicans give in as they usually do?  Or will they listen to health scholars like Mr. Goodman who empowered conservatives against Hillarycare in the early 1990s with the brand-new concept of the Health Savings Account?

That concept now allows 30 million families to shelter thousands of dollars a year from income taxation.  HSAs earn interest (or investing profits) tax free and suffer no tax if withdrawn for eligible out-of-pocket expenses.  The incentive to roll over unspent funds enables the building of $100,000 or more, for an amazing retirement nestegg.  But ObamaCare restrictions have led to underfunding of them in the large group business plans.  Usually blue-collar workers risk bankruptcy from the combination of underfunded HSAs and policies with huge deductibles - or surprise bills from the doctors who end up not being in your insurers’ network.  Does the latter dynamic condemn HSAs, or the government’s rules that hurt their potential?

Republicans have always known health care needs government for the poor and chronically ill.  Even before Obamacare they supported Medicaid for the poor and risk pools for the sick.  But are we serving the needy the best with the status quo?

And health reform doesn’t just entail reform of payment.  There’s also the supply of health care, and how that’s distorted by special interest capture of the regulators, hospital protectionism and guilds via licensing and pharma-influenced practice scopes.  And let’s not forget public health’s failure via the covid hysteria and resultant government tyranny. There’s a lot in health from which a Republican can build a campaign platform that extends beyond whether or not Congress should extend Biden’s premium subsidies.

Since the early 1990s Mr. Goodman has served as one of the most provocative scholars in health reform.  Never satisfied with the status quo, even among his conservative friends he’s constantly pushing them to learn more and give voters a better vision for health.

Join us Wed to help distill what politicians should promote this November to earn your vote!

P.S. Mr. Goodman is the Forbes author who featured Freedom Hub’s Obamacare alternative - especially how we combine Medical Cost Sharing with HSAs - and give you a Concierge shopper to find well-priced drugs, tests and specialists.  Forbes-featured health plan for families and businesses.  

P.P.S.  John wrote at Forbes also about our solution for out-of-pocket expenses:  the money-doubling HMA (which we think is the solution to enable HSAs to more easily build for retirement).

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