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Continuing the Conversation
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John L. Petersen

On 6/23/22 we had with us Futurist John L. Petersen, President of the Arlington Institute


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Prepare or Perish!
(Because You Won’t Believe What is Coming)

Internationally known futurist and founder of The Arlington Institute, John L. Petersen comes to Freedom Hub in the middle of the most extraordinary time of change in recorded history.  John, a former Navy pilot, is an unlikely candidate to be researching all things “counter-culture” – considering his name, at one time, was tossed around as a candidate for Secretary of the Navy.  On the other hand, his deep DOD connections and knowledge of some of the ‘dark’ projects (think Darpa, ET’s) have put him in a unique position.

John is also the founder and host of TRANSITION TALKS, monthly TED-Talk like events hosted at the Coolfont Resort in Berkeley Springs, WV.  Presenters John has featured include Dr. Bruce Lipton, Gregg Bradon, Regina Meredith, Penny Kelly, top U.S. physicist Dr. Hal Puthoff (who helped develop Remote Viewing), Ex-CIA spy Robert David Steele, Astrologer Joni Patry, and many more.  You get the idea.

At the end of it all, between some of the greatest minds and visionaries of our times, and professionally tracking future trends and technologies, John brings a well informed perspective to the Freedom Hub – and will discuss the giant structural shifts that are in the works  – beginning with an implosion of our present ‘human support system’ of institutions and organizing concepts – and how we make room for a whole new, revolutionary set of ideas, and a new operating framework.  What’s coming, John believes, is literally a kind of new human and a new world.  No, not the Great Reset…. but a Greater Reset. 

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