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John Tamny

On 6/16/21 we had with us   John Tamny, Political Economy editor at Forbes


When Politicians Panicked:  Absent govt sabotage of livelihoods, the markets would respond better to pandemics

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It didn't take long after last year's start of the Covid panic for plenty of doctors, scientists and other experts to call off the crisis.  Before Tech engaged in its insidious role as censors, information left free allowed for a pattern of knowledge - enough to relax self-thinking Americans that apart from sheltering the comorbid and aged from viral spread, the rest of us should have returned to normalcy, allowing natural herd immunity to bring the pandemic to a comfortable end.  But that's now what the special interest-influenced govt and media let happen.


Instead, as Tamny writes in his very well-received book, the establishment exploited the fear to impose draconian orders that sabotaged livelihoods and markets, insanely interfering, for example, in the market info regarding: (1) successful early treatment; (2) corruption of testing and death certification; (3) outright lying about vulnerability of anyone not comorbid or old; and (5) setting up a globalist Technocracy where the only gateway to normalcy required participation in a worldwide experiment with gene-altering therapy.


What would have taken place over the past year had markets been allowed to clear info in a way that helps in every other type of crisis or opportunity?  Are regular humans too dumb to protect themselves absent authority?  Is authority trustworthy enough ever to empower with controls over our response to dire situations like a pandemic?

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