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John Troutman

On April 20, 2022 we had with us John Troutman, Natl Marketing & Biz Development, Mazzitti & Sullivan EAP Services

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Two Thirds of American's Are Reaching Their WORST Stress Ever
Can LIFECARE Stem the Tide?

For Cove by Feelmore Labs, OnePoll just found 63% of respondents said Covid had exploded their stress to “an all time high”.  They’re so burned out that they struggle to focus and find a good balance between work and life.  Worse, despite awareness of coping habits like yoga that are beneficial, many in this poll have fallen  into poor sleeping and eating habits when stressed, while others engage in a little too much “retail therapy”.  The good news is most in this poll are open to discussing this problem, and have already sought some form of therapy.  What about a systemic approach?

Ingraining consistent, effective counseling is something Mr. Troutman has sought to implement, in the world of health benefits.  But such benefits escape where most workers find themselves - in small businesses.  And for too long counseling benefits have fallen short on what families truly need.  So how is John bringing effective benefits to where families actually work?

Mr. Troutman has found systematization cannot be standardized.  Every client needs a different suite of counseling benefits - and the options are so much BIGGER than buyers realize.  There are needs around eldercare, business coaching, depression, or personal finances.  The list is endless, but so are his company’s offerings.

Fortunately, “Life Care”, as some clients of his call it, is more affordable than one thinks, and its results actually will save the owner money.  It’s a win-win proposition.

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