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Mary Bauer
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Every Wednesday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts two Zoom calls. One is at 4pm, the other at 7pm. The 4pm call is eclectic (often regarding our liberties…or disappearing liberties) and the 7pm usually is centered around practitioners who use a cash-based practice and what they do. These are recorded and archived. There are over 90 to date!

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Mary Bauer


On 6/23/21 we had with us  Mary Bauer, Radio Frequency scientist & member, Virginians for Safe Technology 

While Covid distracted us, Telecom's been erecting Smart City antenna meshes for behavioral scores - with no Opt Out

Using nonstop 5G commercials and stoking poor connection frustration, the unbelievably powerful telecom industry got Congress to allow the Federal Communications Commission to ignore the science on radiation wireless risk and ignore local government discretion - as they carpet our neighbors' roofs, street lamps, office buildings, parks and kids' classrooms with antennas whose radiation emissions will explode the already 10% of the population suffering from electro hypersensitivity.


After decades working as a Navy-contracted radio frequency engineer, Mary Bauer discovered that her Virginia county had been picked - among several other cities nationwide - for Smart City experiments to become a ‘living community testbed’ consisting of erecting  censors and antennas across the entire county to allow not only communication, but also collecting data for tracking and behavioral "social equity" scoring.


A coalition of interests is starting to fight back. Realtors are losing deals from homebuyers not wanting to live near an antenna. Security officials are noticing enemy targeting of US personnel using 5G-grade weaponry. Scientists are petitioning and suing in court for government ignoring of the latest studies - like the NIH's Toxicology Report showing tumors and DNA damage.


There exist alternative ways to get families and businesses the faster internet they want. Fiber optic cable companies are laying wire to homes worldwide, and this method is safer, faster and more secure than wireless.  Wireless deserves study, but shouldn't be rushed out without respecting our right to Informed Consent regarding an antenna outside our bedroom or kids' classroom, our neighborhoods, throughout our national parks, and public spaces. Indeed, as Ms. Bauer will propose, Congress needs to monitor wireless power density output to ensure such deployment stays within FCC's allowable limits. Violations of power density emission limits should trigger immediate mitigation, to protect our health.

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Mary Bauer