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Continuing the Conversation
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On 11/17/22 we had with us

Michael Smart, Field Coordinator, the John Birch Society

Michael Smart

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WHO’s Pandemic Power Grab - the Last Straw for Global Govt


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Among the atrocities to which Covid’s hysteria awakened self-thinking Americans, was the threat to sovereignty and health from the globalists - including those seizing power at the World Health Organization (WHO).  

Indeed, earlier in 2022 patriots led a successful charge to stop Biden Democrats from ceding pandemic authority to the WHO.  The globalists won’t give up power without a fight, as is expected, so is it possible that the best organization to help us oppose the international cabal is the age-old John Birch Society?

JBS, as Michael Smart’s website is listed, was the original anti-communist organization in the Cold War.  Founded by a Massachusetts Republican, candy manufacturer Bob Welch, he named the group after an American soldier named John Birch who was tasked with helping the Chinese Nationalists oppose WWII Japanese occupation.  Killed by Chinese Communists, Birch’s death was covered up, Welch discussed, by a conspiracy of communist infiltrators in our government. 


Since then, the John Birch Society has opposed all expansionist efforts in government, particularly ceding any national authority to the United Nations.  With global forces at work now via Covid, ESG investing limits and the WHO’s power grab, disconnecting America from the U.N. might make the most important goal for America’s survival.

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