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Nancy Coveleskie

On 1/13/2021 we had  with us Nancy Coveleskie, President, Heritage Consulting Group


The HSA no longer offers the ONLY solution for out-of-pocket costs

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Every Wednesday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts two Zoom calls. One is at 4pm, the other at 7pm. The 4pm call is eclectic (often regarding our liberties…or disappearing liberties) and the 7pm usually is centered around practitioners who use a cash-based practice and what they do. These are recorded and archived. There are over 90 to date!

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As John Goodman wrote four years ago in Forbes, patients facing huge deductibles and Out of Pocket expenses are electing not to only to save in tax advantaged Health Savings Accounts, but also paying monthly “shares” into a Medical Benefit Savings MATCHING Account that build much faster than an HSA. Thus, allowing the HSA to be a retirement account. 

How do medical benefit savings accounts appreciate so much faster than HSA’s?  Ms. Coveleskie has for decades sold innovative products to protect family finances.  For the family or business owner (5 or more employees) facing thousands in OutOfPocket - whether for chronic disease, elective surgery, maintenance meds, having a baby, braces, therapies or huge elderly health costs, join us Wed to learn how to DOUBLE your money over 3 years, to HALVE these costs.

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