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Patrick Michaels

On March 24, 2022 we had with us Pat Michaels, senior fellow in the Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute

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Are Carbon Footprints but Another Scheme for Behavioral Control?

Are Carbon Footprints but Another Scheme for Behavioral Control?

Over the past few decades, environmentalists dropped their admirable concerns about institutional, industrial pollution and instead, began to raise a new “fear” – the fear of climate change.  Indeed, many of us bought into it… at least early on.


With the Great Reset folks foisting vaccine passports and the wireless Internet of Things into every aspect of our lives, included in that is what’s called your “carbon footprint.”  It is another of many data points designed to control your behavior under a China-like, social credit score.  Use too much heat or hot water, for example, or have a “carbon footprint” larger than your rationed allotment, and your digital social credit score will drop, limiting what you are allowed to do.  Sound appealing?  


For decades, Dr. Michaels has been supporting conservation, while condoning the junk science behind Global Climate Change / Greenhouse politics – a junk science that distracts people from the real problem: the global polluters and the government agencies which look the other way.


There’s nothing controversial about wanting clean air, land and water – yet it is not happening.  Instead, all eyes are pointed at climate change and carbon dioxide – or what they term, “carbon footprints.”  In truth, carbon dioxide is not the enemy; it is necessary for life.  More carbon dioxide means more plant growth, which is generally a good thing.  Instead, the powers-that-shouldn’t-be have turned it into another way to control people.  Period.


Carbon footprints are even being traded – included in a new brand of stock investing that hurts company profits if they don’t support the Environmental Protection Agency or (authoritarian) social justice politics. It’s called “ESG Investing”, for environmental, social, and (corporate) governance.