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Paul Rodney Turner

On 2/24/2021 we had with us Paul Rodney Turner, founder, FeedOM


Social entrepreneurship:  for Klaus Schwab's Technocracy or your individual dream?

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Every Wednesday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts two Zoom calls. One is at 4pm, the other at 7pm. The 4pm call is eclectic (often regarding our liberties…or disappearing liberties) and the 7pm usually is centered around practitioners who use a cash-based practice and what they do. These are recorded and archived. There are over 90 to date!

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International special interests - guided by Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum - want capitalists to exploit the post-Covid stress to lead the "New Normal" in a way that diverts more resources to underserved populations and the environment - controlled by WEF-friendly industrialists, of course.  But social entrepreneurship isn't a new thing requiring guidance by oligopolists pushing just as hard for a Technocratic takeover as for social justice.


For over a decade conscious capitalists of a more free market orientation (like Whole Foods' John Mackey) have tried to move Board Rooms to care not just for shareholders but also for customers, employees and local market quality.  Those caring about sustainable capitalism shouldn't have to cater to Mr. Schwab's oligopolists whose trust has collapsed due to their complicity in exploiting the Covid hysteria.


Paul will present how giving back to communities and individuals can positively impact your company’s growth. Combining Corporate Social Responsibility with a measurable cause marketing strategy delivers a clear and detailed footprint on what method or steps to take in achieving sustained customer loyalty.


Let's rebuild the post-Covid world in a conscious manner of our own individual choosing, not that of exploiting cronies.

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