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We are taught that we are live in the land of the free, yet this is largely untrue.  We are holding on by a thread, and that thread is our constitution,  With the vast resources in this section, you will learn how the socialistic trends threaten our freedoms.  

The concept of our two-party system of Democrat vs. Republican is another illusion of freedom. Since it divides us nearly equally we are easy to control.  Libertarian is not just a different choice in politics, it is a movement toward a better world with the power placed rightfully so, in the individual. 

The Pavilion Solution

[The Pavilion, a "Freedom Hub Community Solution" for smart, engaged, and more conscious healthy living, is looking for like-minded investors, donors, and strategic partners. 

Contact Jim Grapek to learn more.] 

It's time to picture a best case scenario…  

Instead of defaulting to “worst case scenario,” it’s time to start thinking “best case scenario."  Get ready for this forthcoming national network of 21st century, Jetson's-like community hubs to deliver everything you need to live a happier, healthier, and more meaningful life.


Introducing THE PAVILION  


Immersive, next-generation centers for a

better normal... and better living.

The Silver Bullet:  A Path to Better Health

“Right after getting a clean bill of health from the best NIH and Johns Hopkins’s doctors, our

60-year-old CFO suddenly dropped dead from a heart attack.  That should not have happened."

                                                                                                                        ~Jim Grapek, Pavilion Founder

While conventional medicine is great for many things, it is not great for -- politics aside -- treating or curing chronic disease.  Bioregulatory Medicine, though, is.  It combines the best of integrative and functional medicine with energetic and natural medicine, to go after the root causes of disease.  It's approach is wholistic.  People are seen as as integrated systems of body, mind, and  spirit.  While conventional medicine, aka "Battlefield Medicine," was created mainly for emergency and acute care, Bioregulatory Medicine focuses on supporting long term health and healing chronic disease.  

The Pavilion’s American New Medicine Bio-Center will have traditional nurses, physicians, and specialists who are also open to, and use, bioregulatory approaches.  It's the best of both worlds.  ​

Another important piece of the health puzzle is having good metrics.  The typical physical exam, for example, looks mostly at the physical and misses many of the energetic data points which devices like MRI’s, CAT scans, ECGs and EEGs, can provide.  Using clinically proven, FDA cleared, high-tech Frequency Medicine (Biofeedback) devices, Pavilion members can enjoy a free, monthly SCAN that checks them for thousands of health variables; things like mold, fungus, viruses, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, pesticides, plastics, wireless, cell phone, and EMF exposure levels, dental health, hormone and vitamin levels, blood health, and more.  And the scans take just minutes.

These reports can then be shared with their Pavilion DPC (Direct Primary Care) or DSC (Direct Specialty Care) doctor, or other team members -- to better help them solve their health challenges.  Of course, it all works best when lifestyle changes are made, too, and that is where Pavilions will shine. 

The Freedom and Support to be YOU





When you walk into the 75,000 square foot Pavilion it is like entering the quintessential world of the future: Moving walkways, interactive, next-gen science exhibits, and an expansive open atrium, with lush green foliage and Pavilion view-screens.  In the ground floor Village, you will find boutique shops, a Learning and Arts Center, farm-to-table dining, an organic wine bar, fitness center, and a Spa uniquely designed to support your health and healing.  On the upper levels, the Vesica Conference Center will feature performances, ongoing events, and monthly TED-like Talks.  

The "heart and soul" of The Pavilion is its community focused, 501c3 Life Sciences and Innovation Center – The Catalyst.  Designed for adults (as opposed to kids), The Catalyst will showcase the latest apps, wearables, IT gear, personal transportation devices, and today’s paradigm-shifting breakthroughs – in quantum physics, health, renewable energy, sustainable living, high yield urban agriculture, and more.  Like a mini-World's Fair Expo, The Catalyst can also empower people to make a difference -- by connecting them with aligned, on-site organizations -- such as The Environmental Working Group, the Rodale Institute, and Food&Water Watch.

The Brain Trust 

To develop The Pavilion, founder Jim Grapek brought together a world class team of pioneers, luminaries, and business leaders to have a ‘conversation.’  The result was a Manifesto.  Included were Dr. Mark McClure, former Provost of the Capitol University of Integrative Health, global “healthy living” industry leader WTS International’s Gary Henkin, the Chairman of top food and leisure services leader Cini-Little International, Bill Eaton, internationally acclaimed architect, scientist, and the founder of BioGeometry, Dr. Ibrahim Karim, futurist and president of the Arlington Institute, John L Petersen, and nationally renowned health freedom attorney, Jim Turner.  Today, we look forward to working with many of the Freedom Hub innovators and disruptors as we move forward.

Now is the Time

Buckminster Fuller put out the call; now it's time to answer it; to build that new and better model which can replace today's failing one.  Two feasibility studies showed The Pavilion to be a transformational, sustainable, and profitable business concept.  

In these uncertain times, with threats from droughts, natural disasters, viruses, and civil unrest, posing an increasing danger to our well-being, Pavilions bring with them new science and new tools which can help us mitigate these threats.  With one of the most advanced, indoor, organic growing systems in the nation, Pavilions can help provide communities food independence if ever needed.  In the not-too-distant future, by generating their own “zero-point” energy, Pavilions can help with  energy independence, as well. 

In summary, Pavilions are designed to be the cornerstones of more vital and vibrant communities --to carry people forward into a brighter, healthier, and happier future.

To learn more about partnerships, giving opportunities, and becoming a Champion for The Pavilion, please watch The Pavilion's Pitch Deck Video presentation here and visit  ​

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