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We are taught that we are live in the land of the free, yet this is largely untrue.  We are holding on by a thread, and that thread is our constitution,  With the vast resources in this section, you will learn how the socialistic trends threaten our freedoms.  

The concept of our two-party system of Democrat vs. Republican is another illusion of freedom. Since it divides us nearly equally we are easy to control.  Libertarian is not just a different choice in politics, it is a movement toward a better world with the power placed rightfully so, in the individual. 

The Pavilion Solution

Attention:  The Pavilion, a Freedom Hub "Solution" for Smart, Free, Engaged and Conscious living, is looking for like-minded investors, donors, and strategic partners. Please

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We've seen how bad things can get, now picture the opposite:  A stunning, 21st century community hub that will bring many of the innovations you've heard about on the Freedom Hub podcasts together under one roof.

Such as the next generation of direct pay healthcare, cost-sharing health plans, fitness and spa… with the arts, organic farm-to-table dining, classes, urban agriculture, weekly TED-like talks, and more!



Introducing THE PAVILION  


Immersive, EPCOT-like centers designed for TOMORROW’S healthier, happier, and more impassioned living.

The Silver Bullet:  The Pavilion's Path to Better Health

“Even before the “Plandemic,” our Pavilion CFO dropped dead from a sudden heart attack just two weeks after getting a ‘clean bill of health’ from top NIH and Johns Hopkins’s doctors.  What’s wrong with this picture?  And his is far from an isolated case.”

                                                                                                                        ~Jim Grapek, Pavilion Founder & CEO

Once you become aware of the malfeasance and lack of evidence in "evidence-based medicine," as many of today's physicians are also discovering, then what?  Where do you turn for vetted healthcare?  To DO's?  To naturopathic doctors?  Acupuncturists?  Chiropractors?  Maybe.  But, in conjunction with a number of distinguished health professionals, we developed something we are calling American New Medicine model.  It is a type of integrative slash bioregulatory, systems-engineering type model that we believe can provide better health outcomes -- and at better price points. 

Since every health journey must begin with accurate metrics, The Pavilion's technology of choice is "Quantum" Bioresonance Biofeedback -- an extremely capable technology that have been largely suppressed because of its effectiveness.  In other words, it would upset the apple cart, as they say.     

These devices can SCAN you in just minutes for more than 12,000 health variables, including bacteria, mold, fungus, viruses, heavy metals, industrial pollutants, pesticides, and even the effects of wireless radiation.  At the same time, they evaluate your organ health, hormone and vitamin levels, blood contaminants, and more. 

These reports are then shared with your Pavilion DPC (Direct Primary Care) or DSC (Direct Specialty Care) doctor -- or other healthcare professional -- so you can solve health issues in a better, quicker way.  Of course, everything works best when lifestyle changes are made, too, and that is where The Pavilion comes in. 

The Pavilion Lifestyle is All 21st Century





Supporting The Pavilion's American New Medicine Bio-Clinic, and the community, the 75,000 square foot Pavilion features a ground level "Living Village."  As you walk into a Pavilion, it is like entering the quintessential world of the future: Moving walkways, interactive science exhibits, and an expansive open atrium with lush green hanging foliage. Looking around you will find artisan shops, farm-to-table dining, a fitness center and Mediterranean Spa, and  it is all capped off by ongoing events, performances, and monthly TED-like Talks.  

The "heart and mind" of The Pavilion is its community focused, 501c3 Life Sciences Center – The Catalyst.  Designed for adults, The Catalyst will showcase the latest apps, wearables, IT gear, personal transportation devices, and today’s paradigm-shifting breakthroughs – in science, health, renewable energy, sustainable living, high yield urban agriculture, and more.  The Catalyst will also empower people to make a difference in the world -- by connecting them with aligned, on-site organizations -- such as The Environmental Working Group and Food&Water Watch.

To Develop The Pavilion 

Jim Grapek brought together a world class team of pioneers, luminaries, and business leaders to have a ‘conversation.’  The result was a Manifesto.  Included were Dr. Mark McClure, former Provost of the Capitol University of Integrative Health, global “healthy living” industry leader WTS International’s Gary Henkin, the Chairman of top food and leisure services leader Cini-Little International, Bill Eaton, internationally acclaimed Dr. Ibrahim Karim, futurist and president of the Arlington Institute, John L Petersen, and nationally renowned health freedom attorney, Jim Turner.  Today, of course, all of the many Freedom Hub partners and collaborators are invited to add their ideas and voices to The Pavilion as it moves forward.

Now is the Time

Two feasibility studies showed The Pavilion to be a transformational, sustainable, and profitable business concept.  Today, with more than one third of the population sick of (or dying from) big medicine, big government, public education, and the deliberate destruction of our economy and way of life, it’s clear we can do better -- and Pavilions, through the vibrant communities they can help foster, can lead the way.

There is another reason to build Pavilions, too.  In this uncertain time, threats from droughts and natural disasters,  viruses, climate destabilization, and a potentially devastating solar flare, pose an increasing danger to our health, our food supplies, and our communities.  Pavilions bring with them new tools to help mitigate these threats, including one of the most advanced, indoor, organic “urban” growing system in the nation.  So, regardless of what’s happening around out in the world, Pavilion communities will have more than a common gathering place -- they will have an independent healthy food source, independent power generation (ideally), and plenty of organic wine.  (Okay, maybe the wine isn't so important but why not!?) 


To learn more about partnerships, giving opportunities, and becoming a Pavilion Champion, please visit, and watch The Pavilion's Pitch Deck Video presentation here.

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