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With your host Charles Frohman and Co-Host Jim Grapek

Peter Nelson


On February 3rd, 2022 we had with us Peter Nelson, Senior Policy Fellow at Center of the American Experiment


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Bribing Families Doesn’t Improve Health Insurance

How to Move Beyond Obama Care

One of the highest profile failures of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - i.e., “ObamaCare” - entailed the saddling of middle class families with outrageous premiums that cost a mortgage, and equally huge deductibles. Less widely known were the limits on choice, as networks insurers formed to afford covering sicker Americans had to exclude the better hospitals that wouldn’t agree to the low reimbursement.

Government masked the former problem with subsidies paid by taxpayers, but not enough to stop a million mostly smaller entrepreneurs from abandoning insurance for the exploding market in Medical Cost Sharing. The Biden Administration beefed up these subsidies to stem the exodus from the failing ACA exchanges. His “Build Back Better” Act seeks to make permanent these premium subsidies, which will fool Americans into not acting in their interest for a better system.

Working in the previous presidential administration, Mr. Nelson tried to expand access despite the failures of the ACA. Via arrangements for group health plans to individualize policies, to easing access to more affordable temporary bridge plans, Peter improved the health plan infrastructure that already is revolutionizing options for small businesses and families buying on their own.

But what about sick people? While Obamacare guaranteed them coverage, the offered plans limit who one can see if suffering from cancer, heart disease or bad accidents. Access to average doctors probably beats no access, but surely America can do better?

Prior to the ACA states experimented with risk pools.  Heck, even prior to Medicare families kept their private catastrophic insurance until death. Mr. Nelson has his work cut out for him. The health cartel utterly has failed humanity over the past year’s C/19 hysteria, and it suffered deficiencies prior to C/19. Everyone is ready now for a much better health system.