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However draconian COVID orders become in 2021, we need desperately the Right to REFUSE! FREE WEBINAR

with Lee Merritt, MD a Member of America's Frontline Doctors and Former Member of Navy Research Advisory Committee

Join us! Wed, Jan 27th 4pm EST / 2 MTN

Any properly skeptical human has had to figure by now that the purposeful sabotage of Earth’s societies has had as its goal the same end as all government schemes - more power for special interests and less opportunity for the masses. Dr. Lee Hieb Merritt will present in her fourth appearance with Freedom Hub how Biden’s Democrats - taking complete control of government - will ratchet up in 2021 the pharma tyranny mixed ever more viciously with technology controls that imply our need to assert our rights or lose them forever.

This entails first vaccine Informed Consent, retaining our right to decline any solution promoted by the government. But it also means fighting for the frontline doctors’ right to experiment with therapeutics whose disparagement stems obviously from pharmaceutical powerhouses hell bent on not losing their profit opportunity from mandates of liability-free, risk-downplayed shots.

But what horrors lie ahead in 2021? World leaders have been caught all repeating the phrase, “Build Back Better.” Technology behemoths are censoring thought leaders and want to forbid work and shopping for those refusing vaccine passports. Bill Gates’ friends in international business have limits in store for independent thinkers that we must oppose.

If you know friends who would enjoy the conversation or have questions, here is the page to share to and register for the webinar:

In Liberty,

Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman

(202) 258-8027


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