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We are taught that we are live in the land of the free, yet this is largely untrue.  We are holding on by a thread, and that thread is our constitution,  With the vast resources in this section, you will learn how the socialistic trends threaten our freedoms.  

The concept of our two-party system of Democrat vs. Republican is another illusion of freedom. Since it divides us nearly equally we are easy to control.  Libertarian is not just a different choice in politics, it is a movement toward a better world with the power placed rightfully so, in the individual. 

Socialism and Why Individualism Matters

Socialism is contrary to freedom, and often is transmuted into tyranny. It disintegrates our greatest asset; our individuality. It asks of us to be uniform. By being uniform, we receive an average of others efforts, non-commensurate of ours...nothing more, nothing less. 


Our receipt of being at sea level is no reward to achieve, no discouragement to under-achieve. By this standard, we attain meritocracy which is easily replaced. Why not just clone us all, or replace us with mechanical substitutes?


Without uniqueness and individual will, there is no real value to us being human. We become marginalized into the collective. We are no longer seen with gradients of color, hue, saturation, that is at very least attributed to an image. We become nameless, faceless, and soulless - partially by their plan - and equally so, by our submission to it. 


Our individualism protects us all. It makes us all a moving target. There are people who are book smart, those who are street smart, and unidentifiable people in-between. That is, unless we submit our rights to be uniform. That will be our downfall.


Stand up, be counted, you are unique; and your value is within you. Everyone benefits by your individual contribution, make it distinct, powerful, full of gradients, saturation, and hue. Let it be uniquely you!

Provacative Debate: Socialism is Evil

What are you thoughts?


Although we here at the Marketplace largely agree, one sticking point we have it where Steven Crowder states that we are a country that offers equal opportunity, yet not equal outcomes. What we have seen is that wealth begets wealth, and poverty begets poverty. (How equal is that?)

This is where we try to improve the playing field, by giving game-changing tools and approaches to health, wealth, and freedom for everyone. 

Professor Yuri Maltsev - Ending the Cold War and now Socialism globally!

Ending the Cold War, Soviet government advisor Yuri presents how the rest of the world is now giving up on coercive, expansive socialism. He is not giving outside commentary on the issue of socialism, he is describing firsthand how he saw this unfold inside his former country of the Soviet Union. Now a citizen of the United States, he forewarns of what will befall us unless we change course!