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Continuing the Conversation
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On 12/15/22 we had with us

Susan Miller, an Internationally recognized Astrologer 

Susan Miller

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Every Wednesday and Thursday your Freedom Hub (founded by Jeff Kanter and Charles Frohman) hosts a Zoom webinar from 12pm -1pm.

This Webinar is currently co-hosted by Charles Frohman and Jim Grapek, inviting a variety of innovative and freedom-loving activists, inventors, and entrepreneurs. Please join us weekly and help us to continue the conversation. 

We ask only one thing! Please view them on YouTube, Brighteon, BitChute, and Rumble and please like and subscribe!

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2023 and Beyond: Forthcoming Trends and Aspects

An Astrological Analysis

No one disagrees that the Moon’s gravity affects oceanic tides and women’s cycles, so why shouldn’t other astronomical bodies also have measurable effects on our planet?  The fact is, as Libertarian Astrologer Alan Lin claims, some astrologers predicted a dramatic 2020 government attack on liberty based on the movements of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto.  

Atheists and polite company have done their best to stamp out astrological “nonsense”, but both Eastern and Western religions support it. That is, religions around the world support an intelligent source, manifesting life through the world - that many meditators have characterized as the “mind’s projection through vibration” (similar perhaps to the gravitational effect from solar bodies).

Ms. Miller, one of the world’s most recognizable, highly acclaimed Astrologers writes:

“We are entering a brave new world that will be fascinating and stimulating. The Grand Mutation, the meeting of Jupiter and Saturn -- a rare aspect that occurred on December 21, 2020 -- will change the look and feel of global society in the coming 200 years.  It is a privilege to be alive at this time. Few people get to experience 'two epochs', moving from 200 years of “earth” to the next 200 years with an emphasis on “air” -- the Aquarian Age. Imagine everything suddenly speeding up… where changes come at lightning speed. This is the era we’re entering, and it promises to be the most dramatic and exciting point of our lives.” 

In the Aquarian Age, changes will come not from the leaders— the presidents or kingpins —but rather from the grass roots (i.e., the people).  Areas Susan will cover include: Future Trends, Cryptocurrency, Medical Breakthroughs, Wealth Perceptual Changes, new commercial spacing, agriculture, holographic technologies - and maybe something personal for your sign!  

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