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Wednesday's 12EST, 9AM PST

Wednesday, August 10th


Medical Cost Sharing (Health Plans) are Exploding. Should you consider making the move?

 Featuring Doug Benns, Founder, ACA Management

As traditional Health Insurance continues to escalate in price, it is becoming more and more unaffordable for Americans – individuals and businesses alike.  When the Affordable Care Act was launched, many got exposed to the concept (and option) of Health Sharing Ministries for the first time. As opposed to traditional insurance, members of a health sharing organization contribute regular monthly payments to a “pool” – from which any and all member medical expenses, like claims, get paid.  

Because so many people have been happy with these Medical Cost Sharing plans – in large part because they can cost half as much as traditional insurance while providing similar or even better benefits – they have continued to grow in popularity.  Today, there are a vast array of health sharing choices available which services millions of members nationwide.  In fact, the industry has matured to the point that a national trade association is called for as well as a health sharing exchange – one that will mirror Healthcare.gov.  

Join us Wednesday and learn about the soon-to-be launched National Health Care Sharing Association and the TrySharing.org health sharing buying exchange.  As the face of healthcare keeps changing, look to health sharing plans and organizations like these to take it to the next level.

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Thursday's 12EST, 9AM PST

Thursday, August 11th

While Advocating for Liberty on the Outside, We also need to be doing Work on the Inside.  It’s called BioHacking

Featuring Richard Harris, Biohacking Coach

Focusing on our physical bodies and this physical plane are important, yet as the latest physics now confirms, they only make up half the equation.  Just as we need interventions that deal with our physical nature, we also need ones which deal with our energetic nature: the psycho- emotional and spiritual.  These interventions require the same “art” and finessing as doctoring, and Richard has spent a lifetime looking for the best energetic, biohacking interventions out there.

Richard helps people become better people, through one-to-one coaching and through his video publishing on LBRY / Odysee.  Part of that work involves political advocacy; promoting the ideals of liberty.  Political liberty, he believes, is essentially the outer reflection of a healthy inner “liberty” and state of being.   

On his channel, one will see Life Coach Richard keeping clients away from fatal flaws like “virtue signaling” or “canceling.”  Richard also points out the dangers of the classic spiritual sins like pride and lust, whilst encouraging people to become their most authentic Selves - something so terrifying to “the system” that it will do everything in its power to prevent that from happening.   

You do not have to follow a cookie-cutter life or run on “auto-pilot” – as so many do.  Indeed, the gig economy and digital nomadic entrepreneurs have shown us that with a little planning and passion, it is relatively easy to reinvent ourselves – and live a rich and fulfilling life on OUR terms. 

Looking at the country as a whole, some states, by ending their declared emergencies earlier than others, suffered less hospitalizations and deaths than more authoritarian (mostly Democrat) states.  Mr. Murray, Director of the Maine Policy Institute, has been comparing the severity and outcomes of the state emergency crackdowns (aka ‘public health responses’) – and will share what he has learned so we might do better in the future.  

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