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Wednesday, December 7th

Has Covid’s Hysteria Awakened Humanity Enough to Challenge Viral Theory Itself?

How Terrain Theory can Heal Humans and Save Science

With Andrew Kaufman, Forensic Psychiatrist

Careful skeptics of the Covid narrative have noticed that one aspect of the controversy remains basically unaddressed: the existence of the SARS-COV-2 virus, itself.  This controversy re-opens a century-old conflict between the viral theory of Pasteur and what’s called “terrain theory”, from Bechamp.

One long-time medical investigative reporter who harped on this controversy was former CBS Healthwatch reporter Jon Rappoport, who cynically described the way mainstream experts offered evidence of the virus’ existence:  “The killing of the patient’s cell sample in a “soup” in which only the virus could be the cause of the cell death.”  Yet, as Dr. Kaufman critiqued, the studies claiming virus isolation never actually isolated it, nor are the “studies” based on the “Gold Standard” – a placebo-controlled, scientific method. No “live” virus has ever been seen. Also, what do other “diseases” look like?

Worse, the original test for infection itself is not based on viral isolation of a physical specimen, but rather on computerized, genomic modeling – an “in-silico” or, computer modeled virus. On the other hand, computer modeling makes it easier to scare people about ever-new variants of the virus.

Why scare us?  To corral us into the online world where we are more easily controlled – which is the end goal of their play.  Global elitists want to base cures on transhumanist technology that inserts unnatural, gene-altering nanotechnology into God’s human creation.  With over 60% of the world already inoculated with these experimental jabs, there is precious little time left to save humanity from these psychopaths.

Fortunately, Covid’s hysteria has awakened folks not only to the biotech-govt-media corruption, but also to better ways of thinking; like building a new and better world more conducive to the human experience.  Rebuilding our broken medical system must be at the top, and this calls for rethinking the very foundations of health and medical science.  

Those on the leading edge of this are now questioning if viruses even exist as we supposedly know them.  Scientists at MIT (not Dr. Kaufman, an MIT alum) now believe viruses might really be something they call ‘exosomes.’ Others believe viruses are really waste products the body is throwing off.  And then there is the whole theory of pleomorphism – or Terrain Theory – which states that all of these viruses, bacteria, parasites, and other microbes are always inside of us.  This is what Bechamp was saying.  All we need to do is keep our bodies – our “terrain” – healthy, and all of these will naturally be kept in balance.  Yet, the industry got behind Pasteur’s germ theory because, many believe, creating drugs and vaccines for every single germ could generate extraordinary profits.  Goldman Sachs basically confirmed this a few years back when they went on record with a client saying (and I paraphrase), ‘Curing patients is a bad business model that we do not recommend.’  In short, good health doesn’t pay.

So what are the foundations of Terrain Theory and good health?  Join us Wednesday as Dr. Kaufman gives us a better understanding of this fascinating and relevant topic, and gives us fodder to help put the future of healthcare back on track.


Freedom Hub
Thursday's 12EST, 9AM PST

Thursday, December 8th

Just in time for Christmas!

A Children’s Book based on Rothbard’s History of America’s Revolutionary Founding

 With Katie Phipps Hague, Marketing Director, Mises Institute


A terrible thing happened a few years ago for Christmas, terrible that is for government lovers.  Connor Boyack, a think tank entrepreneur in Utah, wrote a series of children’s books - called the “Tuttle Twins” - that taught children not to worship kleptocracy but rather, virtue and liberty.  It’s become one of the best Christmas gifts in America, at least for those who love this country.

Most recently, Boyock wrote a history of America from the 13th Century to our Independence.  He invited the marketer for the think tank that promotes the work of famous Austrian economist Ludwig von Mises and his student, Murray Rothbard, to draft a curriculum that accompanies the history.  Ms. Phipps Hague uses Rothbard’s “Conceived in Liberty'' series for this curriculum.

Any libertarian who has read Rothbard’s history of colonial America knows what a grand story it tells - from his usual “power versus individual framework.”  Indeed, last year Freedom Hub featured Patrick Newman, who remarkably interpreted the final volume of Rothbard’s opus, covering what he labeled the “coup” of the Constitution.

The Covid hysteria and Great Reset controversy show why a Tuttle Twins education effort is needed for the next generation.  Because as it stands, these kids are growing up into a terrifying global plot that uses various tools – like medical passports, carbon footprints, ESG investing and central bank currency – to coerce behavior that only benefits special interest control and profits.  If ever an educated, entrepreneurial population of disruptors was needed, it’s now!

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